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Electric Guitars With Different Musical Genre 0
Electric Guitars With Different Musical Genre

Electric Guitar is one of the most popular instruments played around the world, used for different genres from rock and heavy metal to blues and jazz and much more. The guitar, this amazing instrument, has captured millions of people over the years and continues to do so. Most guitar players start with a budget, a versatile model that can play sounds of many different genres. However, guitarists looking to improve their skills in a certain musical genre may benefit from playing an electric guitar which suits best to their preferred genre.

Let's have a look at the most popular genres played with the best guitar models to help you find that suits you the best.

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The History of Guitar Effects pedals: Guitar evolutions 0
The History of Guitar Effects pedals: Guitar evolutions

Taking you on a journey of stompboxes from their outset to their prominence


The sound of a guitar is not the same as it used to be when the first electric guitar was launched. The earliest electric guitar listed is the Ro-Pat-In Electro A-25 "Frying Pan" (1932) described as 'The first-fully functioning solid-body electric guitar to be manufactured and sold. This particular model however was unsuccessful.

Mostly used as instruments of experimentation, guitars have been modified for decades to create multiple effects. The first effects unit commercially manufactured was the DeArmond Trem Trol 800 by Rowe industries. Bo Diddley produced the first tremolo sound using this machine.

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KHDK Electronics Ghoul Screamer Overdrive Pedal Review 0
KHDK Electronics Ghoul Screamer Overdrive Pedal Review

Kirk Hammet in collaboration with David Karon started a new venture – a pedal company KHDK Electronics. With a great start, KHDK released Kirk’s signature Ghoul Screamer pedal last year. It’s more of a tube screamer like pedal which not only boosts but comes with the feature of adjusting EQ. It’s not just a tube screamer but does the job of a classic overdrive pedal too.

With no surprise the pedal has Tone, Drive and Volume knobs. The innovative thing in this pedal are the five mini toggle switches for bass, treble, mids and variations of compression. It has two green LED’s that lets you know that it is engaged.

The drive control has pretty wide range from soft tone to aggressive drives. The Ghoul screamer sounds great with just the regular tone and drive control tweaking but the mini toggle switches make the tone more lively and balanced. It has Bass, Treble, Body and two compression switches.

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