BOSS BB1x Bass Driver Pedal

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Boss have always been a big name in the pedal world but oddly enough this is their first bass pedal in quite some time. The BB1x marks their return to the bass world with an overdrive pedal / DI that will change what you thought a small pedal like this could do.

Not Just A Drive

Boss didn't want to make a bass drive pedal that coloured the sound of your bass and amplifier. Acting more line a preamp and DI box the BB-1x is focused on refining your sound rather than making you sound like everything else. The BB-1x is probably the most transparent 'preamp' like pedal on the market today so if you want to keep your tone but with a little bit more grit this is the pedal for you.

This transparency comes from their new MDP technology that they launched last year that allows for a much great dynamic range with a wide range of tones without having to make a massively complex pedal. This pedal will take your sound for a slight clean boost up to a crushing high gain distortion that could match the impressive gain levels of Dick Lovgren (Meshuggah) with some tweaking.

Boss Quality and Size

Like all Boss pedals this pedal is built to survive on the road and with its all metal casing and incredible build quality. This pedal is not just strong though it is compact. While most bass overdrives and preamps might struggle to fit on a small pedalboard the Boss BB-1x is small enough to fit on any pedalboard with room to spare. Built out of the same compact casing that Boss has used for years this thing will never leave your board.

Mass Processing

A lot of bass pedals when you turn up the gain narrow the frequency band to avoid your tone getting muffled which sound unnatural or they leave it and give you a bad tone. The BB-1x doesn't do either in fact it processes exactly what you are playing at each moment to work out exactly what it needs to do to make sure your tone is clear, crisp and natural sounding at all levels of distortion.

The Control Is Yours

Just because this pedal is small it doesn't mean you lose any control compared to other preamps and drives. With low and high tone controls you can sit this drive exactly where you want it in the mix so if you don't want any high end fizz or low end rumble it is easy to cut out. Along with your normal drive and level controls you also have a blend. This blend control mixes in a completely unprocessed signal to go along with your distorted signal.

To An Amp or Front Of House

What happens when you can't get your whole rig to a gig though? No problem with the balanced line out you can run straight into the PA system. This line output has been specially tuned to make sure it sounds great in a full band mix without the engineer having to touch his EQ. This has been tested with artists of different styles all over the world so this could give you the best possible sound


  • Bold, punchy sound that invigorates the original tone and responsiveness of your bass and amp
  • Contains BOSS' latest distortion, which adapts to every register and never muffles your low end
  • Blend knob allows for mixing the direct signal with the effect signal
  • Independent Low and High knobs for ultra-wide tonal adjustment
  • Two output jacks: a normal output for a bass amp and a Line Out for a balanced connection directly to a PA or recorder
  • The Line Out jack provides a modern and enhanced direct sound that brings out new characteristics in your tone
  • The newest member of the special-edition X-series BOSS compact pedals, which offer premium looks, sound, and feel

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